Born in the middle of winter on Vancouver Island, British Columbia amid ferns, moss, trees, the ocean, and abundant rain, the natural elements were Robyn's primary influence.
Since early childhood she was encouraged to pursue her need to make things.
Then along came the influence of human relationships; mindfulness practices; compassionate communication; circus arts; dance; the wonders of cutting-edge biology; cosmology; travel; languages; culture. These would guide her through a decade-long endeavor of soul-searching, blood, sweat, and tears of joy (& sorrow), known as a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. Thank you Montreal, Mexico, Vancouver Island!
She now shares a studio with a much respected colleague, and they are living happily ever after in production of plenty more beautiful questions than answers!

The imagery and symbols that come through Robyn's work encourage one's gaze inward to the cellular realms. There, one discovers playful depictions of chemical processes; they are the basis for the macrocosm, and our human consciousness becomes an interface between the seen and the unseen worlds.
Her involvement in production is the spark, but the viewer fans the flame of dialogue with the piece.
In the land of titles and occupations, it would be easy for her to say she is a ceramicist, when asked. In truth, the scope of her endeavors includes as wide a range of media as she can get her hands on. It is cross-pollination and mixing of media that truly turns her proverbial crank, as each medium informs the next, and something novel occurs when combining two or more. She envisions herself as more of a ‘matter-amalgamating nexus point in space-time,’ than as a ‘creator of artwork.’ She does her best to get out of the way and let the ideas roam wild and free through the landscape of her body.
There are myriad materials, and more ideas. Some are fortunate enough to be in the proper place and moment to tease out harmonious proportions of each simultaneously. Robyn gets a glimpse of this from time to time, gratefully. These moments set the bar high, and become a experiences worth working for and sharing with whomever is inspired to take part.
Her deep love of experimentation with, and manipulation of materials, acts as a crucible in which a personal distillation and transmutation takes place, rivaling that of the materials being altered. She cannot participate in the shaping of physical reality without also experiencing an internal shift.
In her functional ceramic work, the influence of Chinese and Japanese tea ceremony encourages moments of contemplation. The viewer-participant can loose her or his train of thought while meandering through considerately composed collages of geometries, molecules, plants, and creatures, all woven together by strands of double-helical DNA. A flash of recognition. A momentary mirror.
A goal in this work is balance and harmony between the form, and the micro-mythologies encircling it. Moments of personal ritual in daily life beget even deeper, more conscious presence. Little by little over time we gain insight into what makes us tick.
Robyn’s goal is to provide a platform (however small), on which to rest, and off of which to launch forays into the luscious and potent realms of imagination, self-inquiry, and discovery during moments of solitude and engaged contemplation. So let us celebrate alone and together!



Wheel-thrown. Food-safe Glaze. High-Fire Stoneware.

Underglaze tissue transfer prints

Water-slide decals. Metallic Luster.